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Welcome to Multi Ping

Multi Ping is a totally free service. You can multi ping your URLs to +50 most well-known search engines. This process assist you rapidly indexing your webpages. We want to provide quality service to you, so we need your support to pay hosting cost. You can help us by click our advertisements, share Multi Ping with your friends, blogpost on your websites, etc. Thank you so much for your support in this difficult task.

About Us

We are working as a webmaster for many years, we want to be useful to the other webmasters with our knowledge about the internet.

Our Services

For now, we are offering just multi ping service. We will develop our services in the near future. we recommend you continue to follow us.

Our Works

We offer web solutions to our customers in various sectors. But this is free service website, so we will not make advertising about us.

Our News

We will share with you the information about the new regulations of Multi Ping in here. We guarantee it will be much improvement.